Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rider Profile - Jeff Seah

Jeff is the creator of SG Moultoneers, a group of Moulton fans in Singapore. Here is his story!
Jeff  Photo credits Jeff Seah @ Nepal
Jeff is the 2nd from Left
 I am Jeff Seah, soon to be 54 and work as a Executive Director in HLS Electronics Pte Ltd which is a subsidiary of Enviro-Hub Holdings which is listed on SGX. Started riding as a delivery boy for my neighbout provision shop to deliver gas and other household groceries with the Big Bad Bicycle with rack and thick rubber strap to hold the goods.

I started riding mountain bikes in the late 80s with my first bike, KHS Montana and subsequently took the bike to ride to Desaru from Penggarang. It was an experience then cause nobody could afford any roadies then and it was just 7 speed with whatever tyres that came with it. Subsequently the upgrade when on as I became involve with riding changing to a Bridgestone MB zip which was one of the more expensive chromoly bike in the market then and then to a Klein Attitude and finally a Specialized M2 team replica which i bought the frame from the US and the same bike that Ned Overand use to win the US Mountain Bike race. I kept the bike and bought a Specialized FSR X Comp and rode with it for trials and whatever i needed it to do.
As age catches up, I decided to look for something portable and end up buying a Xootr Swift from Loke of Lifecycle and that got me into the game. Along came an Tyrell FX which was too tempting to resist and end up in my car. Was a good bike and still loving it.

An ads in togoparts got me into Alex Moulton and went to view the bike own my one of our member and fell in love with it ever since. Bought another Brompton S2L for the compactness and nothing since have made me like riding except on a Alex Moulton and the only changes i foresee to let this bike go will be a dream Alex Moulton New Series SS. Story short, it's like my mistress the Alex Moulton

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