Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rider Profile Lee Oon Teng

Oong Teng with his AM enjoying the wonderful sunset at Punggol End
Hi, I'm Oonteng, 39, I do digital media production work for ad and media agencies for living. I ride a Pearl White AM20-2.
I grew up in a small town in Malaysia, where bicycle was a common transport for school kids. I rode an old Ah Pek bicycle to school, tuition and basically anywhere until gotten my motorbike license. I came to Singapore 20 years ago after secondary school, did Mechanical Engineering in Ngee Ann Poly. But gone straight into IT industry and work as designer after graduated. I have worked for companies before venture on my own, until now.

It was about 12 years ago I started to ride again. Gotten a $250 HASA MTB, did a few longer distance rides around island but not that consistent.

I picked up an Aleoca foldable bike from Giant Hypermarket after I moved to Kovan and discovered the new Punggol SengKang PCN. After riding only twice I pass it to a friend because the my wife and I both gotten backache after doing longer rides on it, then I realized that the ergonomics is not right.

After that, I got a Cannondale Hooligan and my wife got a Dahon Curve D3. We were happily riding the 2 bikes for a short while until Christmas 2011, a visit to LC Gemmil Lane, on impulse I got a Dahon Vector X10. It was from the Dahon Vector X10 that I experienced the different in riding quality between entry level bikes vs higher end bikes. Over the next few months I discovered and joined LCSG and PNR, my bike knowledge grew slightly more by chatting with people like Calvin Tan and Lim George , readingTaiwoon's write up, and many online resources.

To be honest, when I first saw a Moulton TSR at Gemmil Lane, I can say I was kind of put off by it. It looks weird because it resemble scaffolding. But over a very short period of time, it just grew in me, I slowly grew from liking it to quite crazy with it. Especially after learning about the heritage and history of Alex Moulton Bicycle.

I sold off the Dahon Vector X10 in May 2012, and started to hunt for a Brompton and an Alex Moulton. I was told that AM20-2 need to be pre-ordered and the delivery time can take up to a year. The price then gone up quite a bit too. I gave up hunting for it already.

A chance came upon from George during one of the PNR's night ride, some one is selling off an AM20-2. I quickly got in touch with the seller, saw the picture, fall in love with it, fixed up appointment the next day and went down to get it. I really feel grateful to George for making my dream came through :-)

My experience on riding the AM20-2 was superb. Everything just feel right! Especially love the suspensions that just work at the right time when I want them to.

The previous owner had changed a few parts to make it lighter and sporty, but that is not to my liking. I prefer a retro looking uncle's leisure bike. I want to fit pannier bags onto it, bring picnic stuffs along, a hammock and my fishing gear too.

The transformation is still in progress, pace according to my wallet :-)

This is the bike that I'd keep for life.

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